Two Channel #3 Results are in!

Two Channel #3 Results are in!

Well what can I say.  This report seems a bit redundant because it almost felt like everyone in the club was at the field today.  A big thanks to all for showing up and giving us 15 pilots for our 2 Channel Fly What You Brung Contest!!!

Mother Nature really gave us a good one today.  The air was clear, the sun was hot, and the winds were stronger than the predicted 6 mph at times. However, there was also a good bit of lift making its way through the field.  Launches were pretty good and many pilots were popping right into lift off the line.  This also made for a rats nest of high start lines during the second group, so we decided to move them to try to compensate.  It sort of worked…..we still needed vigilant shaggers to catch the lines after release and pull them back in straight away.  Speaking of shaggers, we had a couple of people out there who weren’t even flying.  Thank you very much for you efforts.

Next contest is JULY 12th, 2009! Got a 2-channel (rudder/elevator) plane? Bring it out!

Go check out the final scores for the day or read on for more tantalizing details after the jump!

Some highlights of the day?  Picture this – Ed brings his beautiful Hobie Hawk back out for another go and proceeds to rip a wing and stab off as he crosses another highstart line just off the ground.  He says it’s fixable, so out of pity I give him another launch….then he settles in for a nice 4:59 flight on a 5 minute task.  I shouldn’t have had pity. The second flight he tries to rip the wingtip off while landing, and it gets taped back on for the third flight. All in all, not bad for a 5th place!  At the other end of the spectrum Tony brought his little Handy hand launch out and has some great flights with a mild toss.  I remember when Dave kicked all of our butts with his Handy, and knowing Tony is a good stick made me a bit worried.  But that little plane just couldn’t figure out how to go up the line on a high start.  Once again, Harold Jackson drove up with his Vista from TN to party with us.  Thanks Harold.  Gordy brought the only foamie to the field with his Easy Glider.  Based on his times, we should have used it to keep my water bottles cool instead.  Just kidding Gordy…..

Landings seemed a little better today with myself, John O., Lee, Gordy, Tony, Rick, Dave F., and Brian all having one or more landings within the tape.  That was no easy task today with wind, lift and no landing controls.  Speaking of landings, Brian tried to nail a 100 pointer with his Photon by diving it straight in from about 150 ft off the ground.  Unfortunately, he missed the tape and his wing needs a tad bit of work.

But today was mostly about flight time.  No big landing points to catapult anyone to the top.  Rick and his Vista mastered the skies with a total score of 792 with only 17 of those points from landings.  Steven and the Purple People Eater were really floating today with a total time of 750 points (seconds), but again, no landing.  I think we were just lucky it actually came down.  Somehow me and the Sagitta 900 managed to come in 3rd with a total score of 643, but I did have 64 landing points pulling me from what would have been a 4th place finish up into the 3rd spot.

Here is the top 5:
1) Rick  792
2) Steven  750
3) Dion  643
4) Dave F.  621
5) Ed  620

Full scores for the day and the ongoing series are up on the Club Contest page!

Again, a big thank you for all who participated in today’s contest.  Just a reminder as voted on during the scores readout (by all who were standing there), we will be moving the July contest to Sunday, July 12th instead of July 5th.  Yours truly and a number of others would be out of town for the Holiday, so our turnout might be better moving it a week out.  Besides, without me there who would write these exciting, Pulitzer prize quality reports?


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