Two Channel Contest #4

Two Channel Contest #4

Contest Director Dion writes in with a report for the 4th installment of our ongoing “Two Channel” contest!

We had 5 pilots attend today’s contest with only 2 hi-starts strung out. John Forney and Dave Flanigan led the way with Dave bringing out his old, but still competitive Sagitta 600. Light to moderate lift was working it’s way through the field, and we even had an occasional hawk or two to show us the way. The first flight ended with John trying to land on the tennis courts by flying through the fence. I thought his day was over, but that old K-Bird was OK and ready for the next round.

Read on for more details after the jump, or check out the scores on our Club Contest page!

Ed Wilson flying the Hobie Hawk and Allen Burnham flying the Riser were up next, and although Ed used the crappy hi-start and only got about 25 ft off the launch, he managed to play around with a bunch of low level lift until his control horn decided to break and end his day. Luckily, the plane seemed to survive the spiral landing. Allen showed us all how to fly in the first round by posting a 5:07 (in a 5 minute round) and just out of the landing points. After fighting with trim issues during my first flight, I managed to capture some landing points (49) after a fairly short flight.

Round 2 was a 7 minute round with John and Dave both showing the way at a 7:29 and 7:25 but no landing points. I’m sitting there talking to Ed and we hear this loud screaming coming from the field – It was the Sagitta diving to the deck with Dave trying to get that thing DOWN to make his time. On those two flights, John and Dave could have stayed up all day. Since Ed was out of the competition, Allen and I fly the next set but neither of us fair too well. After a crappy launch, I overshot the landing area and tried to get fancy with a down-wind turn. Please remind me not to do that again as I managed to spiral it in and break the rudder. My day was done.

The final round was fairly uneventful, with John Forney managing 3 landing points, and Allen staying up for a 5:11. Only 2 landings in the points today, so we still need practice at those landings. But in that final round, John managed to pull out a second place by 1 second over Allen! Congrats to Dave today for taking home the imaginary wood. The final standings are as follows:

Dave Flanigan – 1st place with 836 points
John Forney – 2nd place with 728 points
Allen Burnham – 3rd place with 727 points
Dion Dunn – 4th place with 242 points (2 rounds)
Ed Wilson – 5th place with 107 points (1 round)

The next contest is Sunday, August 2nd.


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