Two Channel Contest #5!

Two Channel Contest #5!

The Two Channel Contest Series rolls on with installment #5!

Contest Director Dion Dunn gives his report below:

Well after a pretty crappy week of weather, Mother Nature was kind to us today wasn’t she?  And if you were lucky enough to be at the field, it was a pretty good day too.  Lift was there, although so was a lot of mixed wind, draws, and downdrafts, so it was a tricky day at times.  A big thank you to everyone who came out.

Read on for more exciting details and check out the August 2 scores and series standings here!
Round 1 (5 minute round) got off to a good start with everyone putting in pretty good times.  We had 3 highstarts running at a time and 7 pilots went up and came back down in one piece.  John Forney looked like he was going to take us all to school again with the K-bird, but Allen had his Riser flying nicely again right out of the gate and took an early lead.  It must be all of that control-line flying, although I can’t figure out how that help’s Allen’s thermal flying….  The landing zone was tricky today, and the multiple currents and draws were making it tough too, but 3 out of 7 pilots managed to score some landing points.  Remember for all of you readers out there, we aren’t using any landing control.  And this month we didn’t have to see Ed Wilson trying to murder his Hobie Hawk.  Ed put up a good time with a borrowed Spirit.

Round 2 (7 minute round) saw some mixed results and some exciting flying.  John Hoskins ran into what appeared to be the world’s worst wind sheer when his Vista went from flying level at about 75 ft to going straight down at full speed.  Me being his timer wondered what kind of new thermaling technique this could be, but I quickly realized he didn’t actually mean to do that.  Luckily, he pulled it out with about 15 feet to go.  Rick wasn’t having much better luck with his Vista either.  Usually, I can look up and see those darn Vistas above everyone, but they just couldn’t get hooked up today for some reason.  Steven was flying the covering off of the Purple People Eater again and managed a 5:58 with 51 landing points.  I had my best round with a 6:59 and 23 landing points.  At a minute left I was probably still at 700 ft and having trouble coming down.  That’s where a lot of the lift was, up high today.  Once up there, I probably could have gotten my 1 hour flight in.

Round 3 wasn’t especially good for anyone.  So much for learning as we go.  I won’t go into the details of that round, but Allen did manage to score a nice 51 point landing.  That was 2 out of three landings in the tape today for Allen.

Special thanks to Jason for shagging chutes today.  Shag-boy Jason patiently waited for the sailplanes to leave the field so he could fly that pretty little PZ Gunfighter.  Thanks again Jason.

A big thanks to Ed Wilson and the LSF organization for supplying 3 polo shirts to the top 3 pilots today.  That was a great touch, and totally unexpected.

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