Penultimate Two-Channel Contest Report!

Penultimate Two-Channel Contest Report!

Two-Channel Contest Directory Dion Dunn recaps today’s action! The next Two-Channel contest is OCTOBER 4th at NOON at the Charlie Vettiner field!

Thanks to all who came out and braved Mother Nature for today’s 2 Channel contest.  9 pilots were rewarded with a pretty decent day after a few rain drops before the start.  The lift turned out to be pretty decent, and as usual, I got a good burn on my neck and face.

Hey Gordy, how’s that old saying go?  If you can’t buy a better plane, find a better thermal?  Translated into ‘become a better pilot’?  Well what happens when you take a darn good pilot already, and arm him with one of the best RES planes in the World?  You get today’s winner – Tony and his AVA took home the honors in fine fashion.  Congrats!

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But wait, the biggest isn’t always the best.  Coming in a close second was Gordy and the venerable Gentle Lady.  After a shaky start at the field, the Lady was hooked up and nailing thermals and crashing the landing tape like it was a new high performance 2-meter or something.  The nerve of some old women…..

Harold Jackson made the long trek up once again and put on a pretty good show with the Vista.  Thanks for making the drive Harold.  Speaking of Vista’s, we had another show up.  Sean (sp?) brought his out and got some hands on flight training with a high start and the winch.  All at the best field and best club in the Country.  How’s that for an introduction to the hobby?!

Allen tried to fulfill his LSF Level 1 requirements all in one day (and I think he did it).  Lee was treating the Monarch like a rocket ship on launches and brought in a heck of a flight at the end.  And once again, the purple people eater could be found floating around the sky.

The Renaud Brothers would be proud as there were 2 Sagitta 600’s and one 900 on the field today (Ed, Dave and myself).  And at one point or another, they all flew pretty darn well.  But the key to today was landing points.  In the first round, 5 out of 9 pilots hit the tape for points.  However, after that the magic repellent of the tape kicked in, only 4 more pilots hit the tape in the next 2 rounds combined.  When they did, they hit it strong.  Gordy had 3 landings in the points; 78, 99, and 70.  Tony had 2 in the points: 88 and 97.  Ed also had 2 in the points at 89 and 91.  Strong landing scores for not having any landing control, although I don’t think the Gentle Lady was designed for “crashing screen door” landings.

So, all in all it was a pretty good day and best of all, the planes went home in one piece.  To top it all off, Dave Flanigan was nice enough to make up some home made CG balancing rigs to be handed out to the season points leaders next month.  These are beautiful units, and Dave did a fine job putting them together.  Thanks much Dave!

The next contest date is Sunday, October 4th at Noon.  This will be the LAST 2-channel event of the season, so come on out and have some laid back contest fun for the last time this year.

The scores will be sent to Ben to post on the website, and here are the top three for today:

1)  Tony Utley                AVA
2)  Gordy Stahl              Gentle Lady
3)  Dave Flanigan          Sagitta 600


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