Two Channel Contest FINALS!

Two Channel Contest FINALS!


Two Channel Contest Director Dion Dunn is back with his final wrap-up:

Well, we finally made it to the end of the 2-channel contest series, and what a great ending it was.  Round 7 had a mix of everything today, and Mother Nature was once again kind to us and provided some good lift and signaling birds as a bonus.  10 pilots came out to enjoy the Fall weather

Let’s cut right to the chase this time – Gordy kicked our butts with the Gentle Lady.  But you know what the difference was besides the fact that he is tuning up for the big Texas contest next week?  Landing points, landing points, landing points.  For example, Tony and Gordy were only separated by 9 seconds of flying time yet Gordy won by 150 points!  7 out of 10 pilots scored landing points today, but it wasn’t consistent, and I was one of the 3 who didn’t score any.  I’ll admit, I haven’t been practicing and it shows!

More after the jump – and make sure to check out the end-of-season scores on the Club Contests page!

Round 1 started off hot with 7 out of 10 pilots hitting (or exceeding) the 5 minute task.  As we have pointed out before, having the most expensive ship isn’t always an advantage in a contest like this as Hank can attest to.  Hank managed a 6:42 in a 5 minute round because he couldn’t get that big beautiful AVA down to the ground!


Round 2 kicked everyone’s butt in more ways than one.  Let’s start with condolences – John Forney and Tony Utley tried to obtain the same air space in the landing sequence, and the CF leading edge of Tony’s AVA won the battle.  That poor old K-brid couldn’t stand a chance against the AVA….It sort of looked like a hot knife going through butter.  Tony saved it and landed with not much of a scratch, but the K-bird wasn’t so lucky.  John, let’s get her fixed up for next season.  Allen Burnham won the longest flight time of the round with a 4:02 with his Riser, and Dave Flanigan managed a 96 point landing with his Handy hand launch.

Round 3 was once again an active thermal round.  The times were a bit higher and the battle came down to Tony and Gordy flying head to head – a beautiful AVA against a 30+ year old Gentle Lady.  The Gentle Lady won….. John Hoskins also managed a very nice 5:28 with his Vista and also managed to secure a well-deserved 3rd place for the day.

I really think this last round of the contest series summed up what this contest is all about.  New state of the art planes, tried and true classics, ex-contest planes, hand launchers, floaters, hybrid/home-builts, you name it and it was there….but that’s the point – they were all out there flying and having fun together.  I hope everyone has had fun this season with the contest – I know I have and I hope I’m a better pilot for it.  Some thanks are in order as well:  thanks again to Gordy for coming up with the idea and getting us all out there, thanks to everyone who brought a high start out to the field and for letting other people abuse the crap out of them, thanks to Ed Wilson for donating prizes in the middle of the season, thanks to Dave Flanigan for making the balancing units for the top 5 points leaders, and thanks to Grody once again for the Easyglider prize to the points leader.  A special thanks goes out to Ben Wilson for posting scores and pics on the webpage every month, and a final thanks to Allen Burnham for taking over as CD for next year’s 2-Channel contest series!

The top 3 scores for today:
Gordy Stahl – Gentle Lady         1098
Tony Utley – AVA                      948
John Hoskins – Vista                 732

Top 5 Series placeholders:

Dion Dunn – Vista / Sagitta 900  (consistently showing up pays off)
Dave Flanigan – Handy / Sagitta 600
Allen Burnham – Riser
Steven Spratt – Bird of Time / Thermik
Ed Wilson – Hobie Hawk

Until next year,


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