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Summer 2011 Two Channel Contest Series

Summer 2011 Two Channel Contest Series


Louisville Area Soaring Society

Summer 2011 Two Channel Contest Series


The Louisville Area Soaring Society will hold its annual “2 Channel” soaring contest series at our home field, Charlie Vettiner Park in Louisville Kentucky. The concept of the contest is to foster and welcome participation by anyone at any level of soaring capability and to provide a starting point to any soaring pilot who wishes to participate in larger contests or the achievement of League of Silent Flight tasks. Any sailplane may be used, but only TWO functions are allowed. Please come out and join us!

Contests will be Simple Duration, Seeded Man on Man

There will be 3-5 rounds of 7- 12 minutes duration per contest to be determined by weather and the contest director, there will be a minimum of 3 scoring rounds to qualify as an LSF contest.

First round group placement will be by random selection and number of launch stations. Subsequent group placement will be seeded Man on Man by score.

If the pilot succeeds in achieving the maximum time in the round, an additional 2 minutes will be allowed, without further flight score, to land the model. Flight beyond the 2 minute landing allowance voids the flight for flight score. Warm-up and test flights will be allowed before contest and between rounds if the field is clear. Normally start gathering at about 11:00. Pilots meeting will be at 12:00.


Scores will be simple duration, 1 point per second, then the landing scores added. The scoring for all rounds will be normalized to 1000 points for each group (i.e. there will be 2 or more flight groups per round, each flight group is normalized by only the pilots scores in their flight group).


Landings will be scored with the club’s 100 point landing tapes.

If aircraft lands inverted or sheds parts during the landing the pilot receives a zero landing score.

Off field landing voids the flight score.

Launching Equipment

Club will supply launching equipment. Electrics are allowed with launches limited to high start altitude determined by timer or CD or altitude motor cut-off. Any further run of the motor disqualifies the flight.     ONE re-launch per pilot per contest.


There will be 5 contest dates.  May 1st, June 5th, July 3rd, August 7th, September 18th.

Entry Fee

An entry fee of $3.00 per pilot will be collected.


Any donations of items will be given out as prizes at the final contest.