It’s slope season!

It’s slope season!

Earlier this week, LASS Prez Ed sent out a note:

“Just a brief note. Guys the warm spell we are experiencing right now is a perfect time to visit the slope in Frankfort. Dick Weidner and I went up there yesterday (Thursday). The air was some of the best I have ever seen. You could roll or loop to your hearts content with NO loss of height. The lift band went very far out from the hill.”

And then on Sunday (12/17) we put out the notice that LASS was heading out for a full-frontal attack on the Frankfort slope!

10 pilots from all over showed up. Tom Hill from Tennessee even made the trek to fly with us and showed us some great DS maneuvres with his Moth 60. Gordy brought out his trusty RnR Synergy 5 and whipped some DS doughnuts. I finally had my Polecat Hammerhead in a groove and made it squeal through some DS turns. Dave Smith was flying a slick Halfpipe.

Tony Utley experimented with some aerial photography with mixed results – more info on that to come, for sure! Ken Marks showed up with his trusty Bowman’s Hobbies Scooter and his mountain bike for a little excitement afterwards on the Capital View Trail.

Photos were taken!

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