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2012 Bluegrass Soaring Society’s Mid-Am Report

2012 Bluegrass Soaring Society’s Mid-Am Report

Sept 8&9 is past but its memory lives on in Ron, Ed, Jack and myself’s minds.  Saturday we woke up to monsoon type rain, pilots meeting was to be in Lexington about 9am…I called Ron and he decided to bail, not wanting to drive down to stand around in the rain, but I decided to anyway if nothing else I’d have breakfast with my daughter who’s a Horse Vet down there now.

By about 10 the rain stopped and AJ and Dave set up the winches and those of us there decided to fun fly. By about 11 the air got nice the ceiling raised and while the forecase was for up to 30mph gusts…the games began…and continued all day with us getting in 6 round of 10mins each.  The winds stayed near calm and Sunday was looking to be even better if that’s possible!

At the end of the day I man aged to eek out 2nd place in expert, Jack flew well and so did Ron.  Sunday was amazing, Ed flew but he was rusty, and taking it easy on his health…but Ron and I were doing well.  Jack decided not to fly but came to support the group.

Ron flew his Pike Perfect Extended Tip, I flew a much repaired Perfect and Ed flew his AVA. 

I had really spent some serious effort the week before getting my landing pattern back in the groove and it paid off, but on about the third round of the second day my ship was grooving to the spot when a ground thermal lifted her way up right at about the end of the tape and I had to make an ohcrap landing for only about 40 points when I was averaging in the 90’s….I’d been in about third place all day, but in the second to last round, Jerry Shape, Scott Shaw and Ron Mong (the leaders all flying really well) got caught by the same kind of weird ground thermal giving them near zero landing points and allowing me to sneak back up the scoreboard.

The last round was going to make or break things..I kind of blew it, hitting only 85…(100 would have put me in first likely) and the other guys did 90’s+.

Still in the end I’d moved up to 2nd with Scott Shaw in first. Ron flew a Supra, Ron a Tragi 801 and Jerry an Aspire.

Ron Allen also took 2nd place in Sportsman!

6 round of 6mins made a lot of sense since the air was big all day and most were maxing, so standing around waiting for the clock at 2,000 feet made little sense…a great idea by AJ.

Team LASS earned a little respect and some wood!