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LASS Pilot Figures Out Slope Soaring!

LASS Pilot Figures Out Slope Soaring!

Frankfort KY Slope 4/29/2010The Successful Soaring Pilot:

He’s got the thermal AND slope bug since he’s had great days doing both. With a very short amount of time in the hobby, he worked through the usual dumb thumb newbie learning pains,  he stuffed his ego aside so that he could speed up the learning process and persued hi new passion – with passion!  RC sailplanes. He joined the LASS with a Radian, and quickly moved up to a Mini AVA (100″ version, electric launch).

He practiced, listened and learned and is working hard to learn to read air and avoid trees during landings.

This was taken at our Slope in Frankfort Kentucky.

We’ve been blessed with quite a few great days of slope lift… and he took advantage of most of them. We’re proud to have have had him flying with us.

(Pictured is Bob Summers, 71 years old, completing his LSF5 8 hour slope task!)