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Louisville Hosting the MidSouth Soaring Champs… AGAIN!

Louisville Hosting the MidSouth Soaring Champs… AGAIN!

This is a new era for the Louisville Area Soaring Society!  In with the new, out with the old…. Founding member and club president for life Ed Wilson has stepped down from club administration and so we have a brand new President (Allen Burnham).  We have some new young members who have really stepped up to help build the club too. Dion was a new member three years back but took up the job of CD of our brand new 2 channel club contest series (two channels you can’t use…spoilers or flaps, everything else is legal!).  That was in spite of being active in cycling, a dad, and very busy with career!

The MidSouth is a traveling contest, having been hosted by Memphis, Tullahoma, Huntsville, Wilson SC, Pensacola, Atlanta, and Louisville in the past. It is the major soaring event in the MidSouth region.  This year it was Louisville’s turn to accept or pass on….we held a club meeting, elected officers, and voted on the opportunity……YES was the unanimous vote!  We are proud to be the host and taking it VERY seriously. We have an excellent, tested site near the river at Hayes Kennedy Park.  We have already rebuilt 6 winches to match, we will have matched new batteries, line, full time chargers running, matched pedals with nice wood bases, new line too :-).

We are planning on a golf cart to shag chutes to keep the pilots flying instead of walking.  You can find more info about the event as it develops on RC Groups Sailplane Events section.

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