About LASS

About LASS

Ed explains.

The Louisville Area Soaring Society has existed for well over 50 years, and has been flying out of Charlie Vettiner Park for the vast majority of that time.  The Louisville Area Soaring Society had its 25th anniversary as a sanctioned AMA Club in 2015.

Our AMA Sactioned Club Flying site is located at Charlie Vettiner Park and is the only sanctioned RC-Sailplane-Only public PARK flying site in all of Kentucky.

While membership ebbs and flows like many clubs, it is important to note that this sailplane site (Charlie Vettiner Park) has produced some of the most outstanding RC sailplane competition pilots in the country.  Our club currently has two League of Silent Flight level 5 members (Ed Wilson & Gordy Stahl), and members who’s contest wins include National, Major and International Competition Sailplane wins – Recently our 14 year old pilot (Lee Atchison) became part of the World F5K (Handlaunch) Junior Championship team in Sweden!  Club member Bruce Davidson learned soaring at Charlie Vettiner and is now the recognized authority in discus launch sailplane competition (and lead the USA Junior Team to its world F5K victory in Sweden).  He is featured on the video series ”
“Masters of Soaring”.  Long time member Jay Burkhardt is a multi-National champion in the old timer electric sailplane events.

We are an Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) sanctioned club with strong ties to the League of Silent Flight, the pre-eminent model soaring organization in the United States.

While fly sailplanes, we do welcome other types of models, including Electric Launch Sailplanes, SAM Electrics powered models and free-flight , etc.

Due to park regulations and neighbor concerns, we can not and do not fly electric or gas “powered” models at the Charlie Vettiner Park field.

The Louisville Parks Dept recognized LASS as good stewards of the land and recently awarded the club a two year permit for the flying field and specified the field as  “RC Glider Only” due to the increased activity of electric powered aircraft being flown by visitors to the park.

We also are very active in flying RC Slope soaring models at the Frankfort Slope location when winds permit (primarly South, SouthWest winds of 15mph days).  This slope has produced 4 LSF5 8 hour slope task completions. (It is not suggest for non-member use due to the steep and somedays treacherous front side, however if you want to do some slope soaring contact any of us for details about how to get there and some simple safety tips.)

We are a helpful bunch of guys and gals and always welcome interested individuals and families to our end of the park. Please feel free to step up and chat, we aren’t shy!

We fly Thursday evenings between May and October, and Sunday afternoons whenever the weather is fair, so come out and join us!  You’ll usually find a winch and retriever system set up ready for your launch!

Feel free to contact any of us via email for updates on our weekly soaring activities.

Click here for maps to our flying site(s)!

Also, we have our own mailing list. It’s a general-discussion and announcement list, so feel free to sign up.

The LASS Crew