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2016 Club ALES#1 and 2ch #1 Report

2016 Club ALES#1 and 2ch #1 Report

CD’s Steve Gammons (2 Channels-You-Can’t-Use) and Marc Marcum  (ALES) were both happily surprised to see the turn out at their first events.

Steve’s first date was an ambitious March 13th but the weather didn’t cooperate so it had to be cancelled.  And his second choice date in April threatened to be windy and hot but turned to be a really nice day,  He had  5 pilots and we flew 4 rounds.   Steve’s been working really hard to get his soaring skills back after a lot of years away from the hobby and club, and it showed last season and it looks like he’s going to dominate again this season as he won the series last season and took his season opener too.
Marc lucked out will a really good day all around but only 3 pilots came.  No worries because the day turned out to be really good soaring and even though Marc was very weak due to very serious and recent surgery, he provide 5 rounds!  He should have stayed home to recover but he wanted to insure you guys would have the events promised.
Steve was again the pilot most tuned up but I managed to edge him out by making all my times.
That day there were a lot of ground thermals, so landings were a challenge, I was flying the new Calypso foam ship, out of a possible 250 landing points I only managed 60! Steve did well to hit 100 points and Marc the guy who has been religious about practicing the 20 second landing pattern till its become automatic, racked up 115 points!
Guys, our two CD’s give up all the family, house, etc plans to put activities for us, at minimum reply to upcoming event posts so that they can plan how many high starts/landing tapes to set up.  Even if you can’t fly, we always need timers to help.
Take a look at the score sheets, I work hard to record and publish them.  Analyze the flight times and landings.  Better yet make sure that your scores on on the reports too! :-)  
2016 LASS 2CH #1
2016 LASS ALES #1

LASS 2 Channel Contest #2 in the bag!

LASS 2 Channel Contest #2 in the bag!

This past Sunday (17th) 6 club members met to do bloody soaring battle off high starts at our magnificent Charlie Vettiner club flying site.  It was WINDY!  But SSW winds are friendly to sailplanes, so we got the landing tapes up while a couple of our pilots agreed to check conditions aloft.  Steve uses a Taranis with taking altimeter and his Fling was hitting over 400′ consistently on the club winches!

Ron Allen flew a new Fling 2m, Lee flew his AVA Pro, Dave F his custom covered Fling 2m, I Shaun flew his Gentle Lady and I chose my old beat up Paragon.  Three rounds and a fly off of the top three pilots, seeded and MOM, it was Lee who dominated ending up with over 600 points over the group.  Steve was second and Dave third.

Every one helped roll high starts, and landing tapes.

All agreed a really fun day of flying together, smiles on all confirmed as they left the field.

Wish you all could joined us, but next month we fly again Saturday June 6 (ALES) and Sunday June 14 (2 channel).

Remember its “two channels you can’t use”, spoilers or flaps, every size and ever other control mix are welcome!  Electric Launch is also welcome in the Two Channel contest, Electric Launch ships launch last, and their timers tell the pilot to shut off when his model has reach the approximate same altitude as the high started ships.

See you next month!



Louisville Hosting the MidSouth Soaring Champs… AGAIN!

Louisville Hosting the MidSouth Soaring Champs… AGAIN!

This is a new era for the Louisville Area Soaring Society!  In with the new, out with the old…. Founding member and club president for life Ed Wilson has stepped down from club administration and so we have a brand new President (Allen Burnham).  We have some new young members who have really stepped up to help build the club too. Dion was a new member three years back but took up the job of CD of our brand new 2 channel club contest series (two channels you can’t use…spoilers or flaps, everything else is legal!).  That was in spite of being active in cycling, a dad, and very busy with career!

The MidSouth is a traveling contest, having been hosted by Memphis, Tullahoma, Huntsville, Wilson SC, Pensacola, Atlanta, and Louisville in the past. It is the major soaring event in the MidSouth region.  This year it was Louisville’s turn to accept or pass on….we held a club meeting, elected officers, and voted on the opportunity……YES was the unanimous vote!  We are proud to be the host and taking it VERY seriously. We have an excellent, tested site near the river at Hayes Kennedy Park.  We have already rebuilt 6 winches to match, we will have matched new batteries, line, full time chargers running, matched pedals with nice wood bases, new line too :-).

We are planning on a golf cart to shag chutes to keep the pilots flying instead of walking.  You can find more info about the event as it develops on RC Groups Sailplane Events section.

Or send a note to

LASS 2013 Season is almost over,and it was a great one!

LASS 2013 Season is almost over,and it was a great one!


Where to start?
Well our Two Channel Contest Series grew as did membership.  I guess I never really appreciated how much fun simple sailplanes could be and how much we could improve our soaring skills by flying them again. Planes included Metrick, Saggitta, Paragon, Fling, Aquilla, Aspire, Gentle Lady, Vista, Handi, Spirit, electric launch Radians as well as a few amazing electric scratch builds from Dion….argh I can’t remember them all!
Allen took the years series title and easily was the most improved pilot…but he put a lot of work in to get those scores.
Dave Flanigan blew us all away with his amazing selection of prizes at the finals, it was a virtual cornacopia of rc soaring goodies! 
One neat thing that happened was kind of a coming of age thing for rc soaring guys, everyone got their own high starts (again thanks to Dave for doing the leg work and research to make it financially a lot easier for all!). Another huge thanks to Dave for holding and bringing out the club contest launch and scoring materials.

Ed Wilson, club co-founder and President for Life did some of the best contest soaring we’ve seen in a few years, LASS is extremely lucky to have him.

Ron Allen collected dues and keeps the money..still ;-).

We also did a lot of slope soaring this season at Frankfort Kentucky. 
We have a LOT to be thankful for this past season and a lot to look forward to next season…very likely MidSouth Soaring Champs will be back in Louisville for 2014!  Maybe even an AlES event… Thanks to all and its been an amazing year of new friendships, skill development and soaring in general.

2012 Bluegrass Soaring Society’s Mid-Am Report

2012 Bluegrass Soaring Society’s Mid-Am Report

Sept 8&9 is past but its memory lives on in Ron, Ed, Jack and myself’s minds.  Saturday we woke up to monsoon type rain, pilots meeting was to be in Lexington about 9am…I called Ron and he decided to bail, not wanting to drive down to stand around in the rain, but I decided to anyway if nothing else I’d have breakfast with my daughter who’s a Horse Vet down there now.

By about 10 the rain stopped and AJ and Dave set up the winches and those of us there decided to fun fly. By about 11 the air got nice the ceiling raised and while the forecase was for up to 30mph gusts…the games began…and continued all day with us getting in 6 round of 10mins each.  The winds stayed near calm and Sunday was looking to be even better if that’s possible!

At the end of the day I man aged to eek out 2nd place in expert, Jack flew well and so did Ron.  Sunday was amazing, Ed flew but he was rusty, and taking it easy on his health…but Ron and I were doing well.  Jack decided not to fly but came to support the group.

Ron flew his Pike Perfect Extended Tip, I flew a much repaired Perfect and Ed flew his AVA. 

I had really spent some serious effort the week before getting my landing pattern back in the groove and it paid off, but on about the third round of the second day my ship was grooving to the spot when a ground thermal lifted her way up right at about the end of the tape and I had to make an ohcrap landing for only about 40 points when I was averaging in the 90’s….I’d been in about third place all day, but in the second to last round, Jerry Shape, Scott Shaw and Ron Mong (the leaders all flying really well) got caught by the same kind of weird ground thermal giving them near zero landing points and allowing me to sneak back up the scoreboard.

The last round was going to make or break things..I kind of blew it, hitting only 85…(100 would have put me in first likely) and the other guys did 90’s+.

Still in the end I’d moved up to 2nd with Scott Shaw in first. Ron flew a Supra, Ron a Tragi 801 and Jerry an Aspire.

Ron Allen also took 2nd place in Sportsman!

6 round of 6mins made a lot of sense since the air was big all day and most were maxing, so standing around waiting for the clock at 2,000 feet made little sense…a great idea by AJ.

Team LASS earned a little respect and some wood!


Mid-South Soaring Championships 2012

Mid-South Soaring Championships 2012



Due to multiple member issues, both health and personal, LASS has regrettably decided NOT to host the Mid-South contest this year (2012).  We regret any inconvenience this causes you.

We understand that Tullahoma may step up and host this event.  Please wait for an announcement from them before making any plans.

4/10/2012   by Dave Flanigan


The Louisville Area Soaring Society is glad to welcome the 21st Annual Mid-South Soaring Championship back to Louisville.  It will be held on May 25th, 26th, and 27th.  For details click on Contests, then Mid-South Soaring Championships 2012.

2011 Frankfort Slope Update

2011 Frankfort Slope Update

Hi Guys,

First thing I want to mention is that the club had a slope work day a couple weeks back.  Ed, Jack, Tony and myself cleared about 100″ of slope access, its the widest and clearest its ever been!  All of the big trees are gone from either side and even some of the ones that were down a bit in front are gone. It was blowing over 25mph mostly South but it turned at the end of our work day so we got to do some flying too.  Jon from Scale Reproductions joined us, putting up over an hour flight with a ParkZone T-28 electric foam park flyer…motor off for the most part.  It was his first time on a slope and after that he’s clearly hooked!

Since then he’s  tried another smaller ParkZone Military plane and kept it up for over 2 hours! We are all watching the wind these days, remember SouthWest is perfect, South-Southwest works.   As always, don’t throw your plane off if the birds are flapping their wings!
Pretty sure Ed got some photos, I’ll add them later.