Mid-American Championship 2007

Mid-American Championship 2007

Another Mid-Am is in the books!


Tony Estep won the Friday RES competition flying his Composite Bubble Dancer, with fellow St. Louis flyer Nelson Itterly in 2nd. LASS’ own Ben Wilson came in 3rd, even with a out-of-bounds zero flight!

Saturday Unlimited was won by a dominant Rob “Bubba” Glover flying his Kennedy Supra, with Jon Stone (Icon) in 2nd and LASS’ own Ben Wilson (Onyx JW) 3rd.

Sunday Unlimited and the Overall (which counts for the OVSS standings!) were both won by St. Louis’ Glauco Lago flying a Pike Superior. This is Glauco’s first OVSS win! Way to go Glauco! LASS’ own Bruce Davidson (RNR Millenium) came in a strong 2nd and Cinci’s Steve Siebenaler (Pike V-tail) came in 3rd.

Glauco Lago reigns supreme!

Scores and Photos

Download the 2007 Mid-Am Scores in XLS format or view it via Google Spreadsheets.

View the 2007 Mid-Am Soaring Champs Photo Gallery. Most photos by Riva Atchison

Daily Reports

Friday RES

Windy and HOT today in Louisville. Felt more like Texas than Bluegrass. No spec-outs today! Just try to capitalize on the fast moving lift, and oh yeah, don’t go behind the trees. Only 10 guys this Friday morning, but they were ready to go. Two winches with retrievals – open winches all day. CD Ed Wilson had us jumping through some hoops with some “old school” tasks – duration, precision duration and then the “triathlon” event. A lot of a head-scratching was seen (I was one of ’em!) regarding the specifics of these tasks, but here’s the deal in brief:

Duration – normal thermal duration with a landing
Precision – normal thermal duration, but with a bonus of up to 100 points for landing within the last thirty seconds of the task time, and a landing
“Triathlon” – both Duration and Precision, but with the Precision bonus being available at every even minute (2,4,6,8,10). So then, a guy who lands at 2 minutes (120 seconds) on the nose would get 120 points + 100 point bonus, which would be better than the guy who landed at 3 minutes (180 points vs 220 points). Interesting stuff, that….

Well, I was going along just fine in the first two rounds (10-minute duration and precision), with Tony Estep sticking pretty close, but then I just couldn’t make it back over the trees that had sustained me for the previous two rounds (despite Ken Marks’ excellent and enthusiastic timing), and I stuck my NATS-Wood-Winning Polecat EZ Bubble Dancer in the Nature Preserve. That plane has seen a lot of action, from nose-in crashes to being stuck in a tree at LAST year’s Mid-Am to having it’s rudder blown off at the NATS this year and I thought for sure this time was it! I wandered around in the woods awhile until Ken Marks came to rescue me again and he made a beeline through the backyards of some really nice homes to find it. I was out in the street of the neighborhood looking for a Bentley with a smashed windshield or a gardener knocked unconscious… but then I saw Ken hotfooting it down someone’s driveway, plane in hand – and only one hand! It was still in one piece, ready to fly. Amazing.
That round and the next two were all 10-minute triathlon, and almost no one got into the bonuses – no one wanted the ignomy of a 2-minute flight! The winds had kicked up to about 15 MPH and the last task was decided to be a 5-minute precision. I hit 5:00 on the dot and had a landing to claw my way back up…

There was a little carnage today, with Hank Gullet’s Danny losing a rudder (but making it safely back to the ground) and Tony Utley having a center-panel failure on a nearly-brand-new AVA. A closer look revealed the top spar cap popped loose – possibly due to the wrapping thread being sliced by the un-rounded sparcaps. Drela mentions “aggressively” rounding those caps to keep a stress riser from forming right there. Never seen an AVA do that before! Taco’d the wings. It is repairable, though…

Weather is looking much cooler next two days, with high 80s both days and a slight chance of rain on Saturday afternoon. Hope to see you there!

Saturday Unlimited

20 pilots today (yay for LSF V contests!). Got started a little on the late side, but we still flew five rounds with 4-man groups. 10 minutes for 4 rounds and there was a 12 minute in the middle somewhere. The small groups made the air hard to read and the bloodshed was often brutal! One-pop-off-per-day rule was announced. Scores were flight time plus landing, then normalized, making the landing points equivalent to flighttimes! Fairly steady winds all day culminating in a downpour right in the middle of the last group, last round. The pilots came down and the flight was re-flown afterwards. Scott Shaw who was sitting pretty in that last round popped off for the second time that day and found his chances blown. Rob Glover, Jon Stone and Paul Siegel rounded out the group, and Rob and Jon marked each other – but Paul Siegel was determined to be a contrarian! In the end, Rob and Jon would get most of their time – but Paul would leave more than two minutes on the clock, bumping him out of the wood.

Rob Glover dominated all day with his Supra while Todd Jurhs took top Sportsman honors!

Sunday Unlimited

Well, in many ways today was nothing like yesterday… today it was relatively cool and breezy with the sky filled with puffy clouds. Some real spec-outs today interspersed with some real crushing rounds. Bruce was 2500′ up and put his flaps full down for a minute to get out of a real hat-sucker. Meanwhile, that same round, I, Rob Glover and AJ all had our butts handed to us by…. Super Phil Gieseking?! 12 minute task, and I was second in the 4-man round with 4:54!!! Hats off to Phil on that one… and to add insult to injury he landed at 97.

The leaderboard shifted around quite a bit all day and the Overall award was constantly in question. Bubba Glover took it in style yesterday, and Bruce Davidson, Steve Siebenaler and Barry Andersen were flying well – but didn’t fly yesterday. Would it be 3rd-place Saturday guy me crawl back from adversity? Would Bubba regain ground? Would solid Paul Perret, Scott Shaw or Jon Stone evade the undertaker? Nope, none of the above! Glauco Lago managed to stay above 900 points per round all day and fended off a hard-charging Bruce Davidson (flying an RNR Millenium, no less!) and Steve Siebenaler for the Sunday wood… and in the end with Rob, Jon, me and Paul Siegel out of the running he grabbed the overall award as well! Way to go, Glauco!!

First place sportsman on the day was our man lil’ Lee Atchison!

Big thanks to everyone who attended – it’ll be bigger and better next year and yes, it will certainly be seeded MAN-on-MAN again. There isn’t anything more fun…

LASS is proud to be hosting the 31st annual Mid-American Championship

What: Mid-American Soaring Championships 2007
When: Friday, August 24th – Sunday, August 26th
Where: Hays-Kennedy Park, Louisville, KY


River Road will be shut down to LOCAL TRAFFIC ONLY starting at 7:30 AM EDT on SUNDAY. You will ONLY be able to enter River Road from US 42 @ I-265, and ONLY if you tell them you need to get to Hays-Kennedy Park for the Model Airplane Competition. We have been told Lt. Curtis Flaherty has been alerted to our event, and this should get you through the roadblock. Call ED WILSON at 502-592-3163 if you need further assistance!

All of the directions below have been modified to enter River Road from US-42! Please check them out.

Google Map of Hays-Kennedy Park

Hays Kennedy Google Earth Screenshot

The Contest

The Louisville Area Soaring Society is glad to welcome the 31st Annual Mid-Am Soaring Championship to Louisville. The Bluegrass Soaring Society has granted us the privilege of hosting this long-running Ohio Valley Soaring Series contest for the first time. We are also excited that this will be the first time for true Man-on-Man competition (just like the rest of the OVSS) has come to the Mid-Am!


Friday, August 24th

Start time: 10:30AM
RES (Rudder/Elevator/Spoiler)

Saturday & Sunday, August 25th and 26th

Two days of unlimited, man-on-man competition. Starting at 9:30AM each day, ending whenever. Three classes: Expert and Sportsman classes. Awards for top 3 experts, top 3 sportsmen each day. Overall points over both Saturday and Sunday will receive the Overall Champion award. All classes, $20 entry.


Registration will be done day-of-contest on the field!

Directions to Hays-Kennedy Park

Hays-Kennedy will be a new field to many, so here are some detailed directions:

From NORTH of Louisville, via I-65

Indianapolis, Chicago, etcGoogle Maps Route from Indianapolis, IN to Hays-Kennedy, avoiding River Road

From EAST of Louisville, via I-71

Cincinnati, etc
Google Maps Route from Cincinnati, OH to Hays-Kennedy, avoiding River Road

From EAST of Louisville, via I-64

Lexington, KY, etc
Google Maps Route from Lexington, KY to Hays-Kennedy, avoiding River Road

From SOUTH of Louisville, via I-65

Nashville, etc
Google Maps Route from Nasvhille, TN to Hays-Kennedy, avoiding River Road

From WEST of Louisville, via I-64

St. Louis, etc
Google Maps Route from St Louis, MO to Hays-Kennedy, avoiding River Road

If you would like to double-check these directions using an Internet map service, use this address:

Louisville Sailing Club
7300 Beachland Beach Rd
Prospect KY 40059

Map to Hays Kennedy Park

Want a Google Earth KMZ file that points to Hays Kennedy Park? You got it: MidSouth2006.kmz

Contact Ed Wilson (ewilson1 [at] bellsouth [dot] net) for more information.