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Frankfort Slope

Frankfort Slope Information

Frankfort Slope Pan (Small)

Located on public lands (near a state crime lab), this site is a VERY viable sloping site when the winds are out of the south or southwest. The site is accessible by just about any car, and is only off of concrete roads by about 200 yards (with ample parking nearby if needs be). The slope is quite steep and rugged, so combat here may not be advisable, but there is a generous landing zone to the rear and left of the launch area. The state currently rents the property to local farmer who bales the grass in the fall, and some kind souls have “thinned” the launch zone of some particularly plane-hungry trees. Gordy has likened this spot to Parker Mountain, California, and it has been known to produce some good DS’ing. This site is used by folks from all around, so on good days you can do a good amount of networking! One final note: Be a good Boy Scout and pick up your trash when you leave!

Lat/Long: N 38.18338 W 84.84581

Altitude at Top of Ridge: 764 ft. ASL
Altitude at Bottom of Valley: 485 ft. ASL
Approximate Slope Height: 279 ft.

Driving Directions:

Find your way to I-64 between Louisville and Lexington, KY.
If coming from Cincinatti, take I-75 S to I-64, head WEST.
1. Take I-64 to the Frankfort/Lawrenceburg exit (Exit 58).
2. Turn towards Frankfort at end of ramp (LEFT if coming off I-64 EAST)
3. Follow US 60 West (Versailles Road) 1.1 miles to Intersection of US 60, Highways 676 and 421.
4. Take a left onto 676.
5. Follow 676 for approximate 1.5 miles, until you get to a stop light.
6. To the left of the stoplight will be the “SOWER COMPLEX” (a small business park)
7. Turn left into the business park, continue to end of road (Sower Blvd).

Directions from end of Sower Blvd. to the site:
1. At the end of the business park, you should notice a large communications tower to your right.
2. At the end of the road, you should notice that there are car tracks continuing on from the end of the road.
3. You can either park in the parking lot to your left, or continue on.
4. Follow this path up to the ridge, and take a LEFT.
5. Now it’s only about 100 yards to the launching area!
6. Get out, ready planes, launch, fly, enjoy, repeat!

credit: MapQuest

Wind Forecast:

If you should lose a plane down in the valley, don’t worry! It is easily accessible by heading back down Sower Blvd (the main drag in the office park), taking a left back onto 676, and taking a left at the next light. This will take you down onto what I’m calling “Ride of Shame Road”. There are a couple of areas on the shoulder of this fairly narrow road where you can park. You will probably want to get permission from the landowners before trapsing about in their pastures.

How to Amuse Your Family While You Are Slope-Soaring:

Visit Beautiful Frankfort, Kentucky!

Thanks to Tom Hall and Ken Marks for various and sundry corrections and directions