Louisville Area Soaring Society's Website Has Moved To A New Home

On June 21, 2023, the LASS website moved from its old hosting service, bluehost.com, over to posthaven.com. LASS also took control of the domain name, louisvillesoaring.org. Luckily, there was a way to provide hosting, free of charge, but we'll have to take on the annual $25-ish cost for keeping the domain registered.

I will be contacting people, eventually, to see if you'd like to be added to a "contributor" list, which will allow you to create your own posts. Posterous is pretty darn easy to use but, like anything, you will become more used to it after clicking around for a bit. The posting interface is all driven by menus, but custom html is possible if you want to do something advanced.

There are also several themes available for giving the site a different "look & feel". This current one is called "Classic" but there are currently 4 others available as well. It's been my experience that you really can't judge a theme for a site until there is a decent amount of content to look at. The theme of my personal website, kengantz.com, which is also hosted here on Posterous, is called llun and I think it works well for displaying photographs, because of the dark background, but might not be the best where text is concerned.

Anyway, just wanted to alert anyone who might be surprised when they visit louisvillesoaring.org on, or after, June 21, 2023.

PS - If you have any suggestions for our link list of handy links, please pass them along. I figure the main purpose of this site is to attract new club members so I immediately got links up for our flying field location and the Academy of Model Aeronautics. You should see those somewhere on the upper left, and lower left, of your screen in this Classic theme version of the site.