Louisville DerbySoar F5J – 2019

The 2019 Louisville DerbySoar F5J is in the record books and everyone agreed the club had a successful event. Below are some of the more successful contestants receiving their trophies.

Marc congratulates Ben Roberto – First Place

Marc congratulates Frank Burnowski – Second Place

Mark congratulates Jerry Shape – Third Place
Marc congratulates George Burgin – First Place Sportsman

The beautiful tumbler that the winners received.

2016 Club Contest Series Off to a Great Start!

Photo from our first club fly, February (I’m the one taking the photo!) L to R - Ken, Marc, he who must be un-named, Steve, Ron, Tom

Club contest CD’s Steve Gammons (2Ch) and Marc Marcum (ALES) stepped up and got things going as planned!

Steve kicked off with an ambitious 2ch start on March 13th but weather cancelled us.
But he brought home a home run for April with 5 pilots, 4 rounds and really good weather.
Marc started his season on April 2, and again good weather and 5 rounds!
Steve is in-it-to-win-it again this season, putting in lots of practice for both events and his scores so far show it.
(he dominated last season too!)
We will attempt 5 rounds per contest if possible.

2 Channels-you-can’t-use (spoilers or flaps) Series

Setup 9:00 am – Pilots’ Meetings 10:00 am

CD Steve Gammon 

Sat 3/13 Cancelled due to bad weather

Sat 4/10 Big success! Good conditions, 5 pilots “Steve G dominates!”

Sat 5/15

Sat 8/7

Sat 9/11

Sat 10/9
Club ALES Series

Set up 9:30am – Pilots’ Meetings 10:00 AM

Sun 4/3 3 pilots, 5 rounds

Sat 5/7

Sat 6/4

Sat 7/9

Sat 8/6

Sat 9/17

Sat 10/8


2016 Club ALES#1 and 2ch #1 Report

CD’s Steve Gammons (2 Channels-You-Can’t-Use) and Marc Marcum (ALES) were both happily surprised to see the turnout at their first events.

Steve’s first date was an ambitious March 13th, but the weather didn’t cooperate so it had to be cancelled. And his second choice date in April threatened to be windy and hot but turned out to be a really nice day, He had 5 pilots and we flew 4 rounds. Steve’s been working really hard to get his soaring skills back after a lot of years away from the hobby and club, and it showed last season and it looks like he’s going to dominate again this season as he won the series last season and took his season opener too.
Marc lucked out with a really good day all around but only 3 pilots came. No worries because the day turned out to be really good soaring and even though Marc was very weak due to very serious and recent surgery, he provided 5 rounds! He should have stayed home to recover but he wanted to insure you guys would have the events promised.
Steve was again the pilot most tuned up, but I managed to edge him out by making all my times.
That day there were a lot of ground thermals, so landings were a challenge, I was flying the new Calypso foam ship, out of a possible 250 landing points I only managed 60! Steve did well to hit 100 points and Marc the guy who has been religious about practicing the 20 second landing pattern till its become automatic, racked up 115 points!
Guys, our two CD’s give up all the family, house, etc plans to put activities for us, at minimum reply to upcoming event posts so that they can plan how many high starts/landing tapes to set up. Even if you can’t fly, we always need timers to help.
Take a look at the score sheets, I work hard to record and publish them. Analyze the flight times and landings. Better yet make sure that your scores on on the reports too!